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    Higher profile for careers in Ofsted inspections from September

    Ofsted has announced changes to education inspections from September 2015 As expected, the arrangements for the inspection of careers in school inspections from September 2015 have been strengthened. Currently, inspectors are encouraged to examine careers as an indicator of the effectiveness of leadership and management. Careers will be moved out of...

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  2. The revival of careers education has begun but there’s still a long way to go!

    Recent developments at the Career Development Institute (CDI) suggest that careers education is bouncing back after the downgrading of careers education by the last government. The CDI now has a thriving careers education community on LinkedIn where members can discuss issues of the day, share resources and ask each other for...

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  3. Gaps in local authority provision mask levels of youth unemployment

    The Central London Careers Hub (CLCH) which runs careers information events for careers advisers and teachers has criticised poorly performing local authorities for losing touch with many of their young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) and for struggling to re-engage them. It has re-analysed the government’s experimental...

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    ASPIRES-2 - 14-19 year olds

    The ESRC-funded ASPIRES -2 project based at King's College, London will track the science and career aspirations of a previously studied cohort for the next five years of their lives

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    Regional careers magazines and downloads for young people and those who help them on the careersworld website

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    Post 16: University access scheme of work

    Seven adaptable 45-minute lessons and pdf resources on key factors to consider when applying to university - Downloadable from The Brilliant Club website

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    The UK Register of Career Development Professionals

    To achieve 'registered professional' status, you need to be a member of the Career Development Institute and to hold an approved qualification in careers guidance (at level 6 or above). As a fully registered...

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    Videos: icould

    An online library of free careers videos on the icould website


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  1. How to find fulfilling work

    I recently bought myself a highly readable self-help book called How to find fulfilling work by Roman Krznaric (Macmillan, 2012). It’s never too late, I thought! But what attracted me to it in the first place was a passage I came across about Frank Parsons. Be honest, what do you know...

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  2. The Six ‘E’s of Good Work

    Hardly a day goes by without a report on the damaging effects of having bad work. Take the long hours culture, for example, that is still so entrenched in certain sectors in the UK. Long hours raise levels of stress and heart disease. Productivity goes down. Talent is wasted. Individuals...

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  3. The Giver

    Or what if, Jonas went on, almost laughing at the absurdity, people were allowed to choose their own jobs? Dystopian novels of the future for young adults provide rich source material for getting pupils to think more deeply about their lives, choices and transitions. The Giver by the American children’s...

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