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Careers Guidance is Important say Ofsted

The Ofsted Annual Report for 2018-19 makes four significant points about careers guidance: 

1. It is a significant factor in making judgements about the effectivness of state-funded schools

Para 105 How much progress pupils make is an important factor in assessing the quality of the education provided by a school. However, performance data is just one piece of information we use when judging a school’s overall effectiveness. For instance, we look at:

  • the extent to which pupils are learning the curriculum the school has set out for them
  • the standards they are achieving
  • their wider personal development in areas such as character, resilience and citizenship
  • the careers advice and choices that are open to them.

2. Careers guidance in 16-19 study programmes is generally good

Para 270 Careers advice and guidance given to learners are generally good. Some providers have dedicated careers staff to support learners carrying out job searches and writing CVs. Learners are also able to use the expertise of teachers with specialist industry knowledge and experience to determine their career goals and how to achieve them. In most providers, students benefited from a range of encounters

3. Ofsted did not inspect the National Careers Service in 2018-19

4. Prisoners are not getting effective careers guidance since the National Careers Service contract ended in 2018

Para 316 (Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions)  When offenders enter the prison system, staff assess their educational starting points to create an individual learning plan. However, since the National Careers Service contract ended in April 2018, we have found 16 prisons to have inadequate arrangements for this. This has meant that, in many cases, prisoners are allocated to education, skills and work activities that do not best meet their employability and development needs.

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