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T Levels Research: How Are Providers Preparing For Delivery? Follow-Up Report

This is the concluding statement of the NFER report on T Levels.

"There remains a high level of positivity amongst providers and key sector representatives for the introduction of T Levels. Most of the findings of our T Levels report are still valid and we note that more work is still to be done by policymakers, sector leaders and providers in preparing for the implementation of T Levels. Providers continue to drive forward enthusiastically with their preparation for the introduction of the first three T Levels in September 2020 and they are being well supported by the Department for Education, the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Education and Training Foundation. Sector leaders are also playing their part in supporting preparation activities. Of key importance will be ensuring that young people who will benefit from T Levels are aware of them and understand what they will gain from taking them, and that curriculum plans, staffing and resources are in place to enable high-quality delivery of T Levels that leads to positive progression into employment, further training or higher education. Promoting the value of T Levels to employers and harnessing their involvement in providing high-standard placements will also be pivotal to the success of these new technical education programmes. This promotion needs to be sustained across the full roll out and beyond and not just focus on the initial phase of qualifications. We will continue to track the progress of T Levels over the coming months and years and provide an independent commentary on their progress and outcomes."

Read the full report here

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